Specialising in Marine Engineering in Darwin and South East Asia

Marine Engineering in Darwin

We are the "GO TO" marine services company located in Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia. Offering quality and reliable service, excellent communication and prompt attendance.

With 25 years’ experience in the marine, offshore, fishing and defence industries, as well as being engineering tradesmen and marine engineers, we can fix your vessel.
Utilising products from quality brands like Cummins Onan, Victron Energy, Nanni Diesel and Poly flex Mounting Systems, we provide our services across Darwin and surrounding regions, sometimes travelling as far as South East Asia and Polynesia to get the job done.

Our Services

We undertake general troubleshooting and repairs for all marine vessels, including repair, servicing and fault-finding for marine engines, gearboxes, and generators. Our workshop machining includes producing propeller shafts and providing prompt solutions that are affordable and guaranteed to please.
We are a driveline specialist, manufacturing our own shafts in-house and completing shaft and hull surveys for commercial customers, stern tube bearing replacements, vessel re-powering, hydraulic repairs, servicing and more.

Keep your marine vessel in top shape today. Contact ElectroMech Marine in Darwin.
Marine Repairs — Marine Engineering in Darwin, NT


Terry & Jen:

“Thanks Gary, great job servicing our motors. Friendly, efficient, timely and very cost effective. Great job.”

Tim Mann:

“We wish we had found Gary earlier during our visit to Darwin as I am sure that his great service would have saved us untold grief. Thankfully after we lost our injector pump and had to sail back to Darwin over 150 miles without an engine. Gary was available to diagnose and repair our engine including installing new pump, injectors, oil cooler, etc. He even worked overtime while his girlfriend was visiting from overseas.

His workmanship was professional and very organised and we are very pleased with his work. Our Perkins engine has run like a top during our trip over the top and down too Townsville.”

Whether you’re looking for inverters, battery chargers, panel and systems monitoring or other marine assistance – we are your go-to shop.
We repair, rebuild and repower marine engines to keep your boat running smoothly. Talk to our team about our marine engine solutions today.
If you want to keep your boat up and running, maintaining your gearbox is crucial. We provide routine and one-off maintenance you can depend on.
Preventative maintenance will have your generator running good as new. We provide servicing, fault finding and repairs for all marine generators.
We don’t send your equipment to third-party repairers. From our fully stocked workshop in Darwin, we provide top-rate machining of all spare parts and components.
Marine electrical issues can be very dangerous and require immediate attention. Our team can handle all electrical repairs and maintenance on your vessel.